Web Solutions Boutique


Who We Are

Dusty Hale: Project Director and Founder

Dusty Hale
Project Director

Veronica Rojas: Senior UX Designer

Veronica Rojas
Senior UX Designer

Balwinder Singh: Senior Application Developer

Balwinder Singh
Senior Application Developer

Saurabh Misra: Project Manager and Senior Application Developer

Saruabh Misrah
Project Manager
and Senior Application Developer

We are a small team of digital professionals that have skills ranging from digital imaging, website design, website coding, driving traffic, and more. When you work with us you work with a team that includes organized project management, designers, coders, digital imaging specialists, and more.

What We Do

We are a Web Solutions Boutique. We work in an online team environment utilizing the latest modern cloud based software and technology. We use those tools along with our creative skills, technical skills, and a fine tuned project management process to plan, develop, and deliver beautiful websites, mobile websites, web applications, and mobile applications.

Our Mission

Simply put, our mission is to provide our clients with beautiful, elegant, websites, mobile websites, and mobile apps that are thoughtfully designed to attract, capture, and convert user audiences. Click the free consult button below learn more about what we do, what we use, how we do it, and also see some of our most recent showcased work.

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