The Divi Builder

Divi is perhaps our most favorite WordPress website theme of all time. We love it because it’s like starting with a blank canvas yet it has the tools to quickly fill in the blanks with elegance. Another thing we love about it is the Divi Builder. For our our customers who have time, staff and/or technical resources the Divi Builder interface can be used to add to and maintain your website’s content with great control and elegance. We like it modern and we like it elegant so it’s a win win.

Check out the video if you’d like to learn and see the ins and outs of The Divi Builder and how we use it to build you a beautiful and modern responsive mobile friendly website or application.

Dust Hale

Dust Hale

Project Director

About the Author

Dusty Hale is the CLIMB ONLINE Founder and Project Director.

ID Coming Soon

I’m very happy to announce that Veronica Rojas based in San Jose Costa Rica, is joining our team as Senior UX Designer and Brand Manager. Veronica is hard at work this very moment in the development our new and improved business identity and CLIMB ONLINE brand. CLIMB ONLINE has also partnered with several firms to form an umbrella of boutique style web solutions under one roof. This includes a stellar group of professionals with top notch skills including coding and database skills on platforms like PHP, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, MySQL, SQL Server, even Oracle.

More information to come and best of all, a new website and several new Social Media channels are being planned as we speak.

On behalf of everyone involved with CLIMB ONLINE, we look forward to serving a handful of lucky and happy clients.  Only a handful though as we are designing our business to be a boutique firm so we’ll only accept what we can handle and nothing more thus keeping a focus on premium quality.

~ Dusty Hale

Web and App Development :: Digital Imaging

This domain name ( and website was purchased as a premium domain name by myself, Clyde Hale a.k.a Dusty Hale, in May of 2001. I’m an American expat living and working from Costa Rica. I’m a professional web and application developer with well over 15 years of professional experience. I reduce my overhead by keeping our office in Costa Rica and serving clients worldwide. Throughout the years I’ve been involved with many projects from designing basic brochure websites to developing enterprise level custom applications to implementing and managing SEO and pay-per-click marketing campaigns. During this time, I have used this website for many purposes including the testing of my web development work, trial blog posting of rock climbing articles, to testing wordpress plugins and discussing development strategies. The name “” has a good ring to it to promote and discuss strategies for online success. This is the reason I purchased it almost 15 years ago.

For anyone needing assistance with website or app development, please reach out to me via the comments. My latest projects also include mobile app development.


Hello World

Sorry world! This once great site has been offline for a little while but I’m back and just getting started on our new blog format to discuss all my interests and professional work. This includes:

  • My Web Development Work
  • My App Development Work (Desktop and Mobile)
  • My Photography and Digital Imaging Work
  • Discussing strategies for effective SEO, Google AdWords, and Social Media Marketing
  • My Hobbies (Rock Climbing and Surfing)

Stand by while I work on some ideas and  content.

Dusty Hale