Web and App Development :: Digital Imaging

This domain name (ClimbOnline.com) and website was purchased as a premium domain name by myself, Clyde Hale a.k.a Dusty Hale, in May of 2001. I’m an American expat living and working from Costa Rica. I’m a professional web and application developer with well over 15 years of professional experience. I reduce my overhead by keeping our office in Costa Rica and serving clients worldwide. Throughout the years I’ve been involved with many projects from designing basic brochure websites to developing enterprise level custom applications to implementing and managing SEO and pay-per-click marketing campaigns. During this time, I have used this website for many purposes including the testing of my web development work, trial blog posting of rock climbing articles, to testing wordpress plugins and discussing development strategies. The name “ClimbOnline.com” has a good ring to it to promote and discuss strategies for online success. This is the reason I purchased it almost 15 years ago.

For anyone needing assistance with website or app development, please reach out to me via the comments. My latest projects also include mobile app development.