I’m very happy to announce that Veronica Rojas based in San Jose Costa Rica, is joining our team as Senior UX Designer and Brand Manager. Veronica is hard at work this very moment in the development our new and improved business identity and CLIMB ONLINE brand. CLIMB ONLINE has also partnered with several firms to form an umbrella of boutique style web solutions under one roof. This includes a stellar group of professionals with top notch skills including coding and database skills on platforms like PHP, Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, MySQL, SQL Server, even Oracle.

More information to come and best of all, a new website and several new Social Media channels are being planned as we speak.

On behalf of everyone involved with CLIMB ONLINE, we look forward to serving a handful of lucky and happy clients.  Only a handful though as we are designing our business to be a boutique firm so we’ll only accept what we can handle and nothing more thus keeping a focus on premium quality.

~ Dusty Hale